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WhatsApp Bans Users for using Unauthorized App WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp has banned some users for 24 hours because they violated the app's 'terms of service' by using a third-party client called WhatsApp Plus. Various users have reported the ban on different social networking sites like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

WhatsApp has asked users to uninstall WhatsApp plus and install an authorized version of WhatsApp from official website or Google Play to resume the service, although the 24-hour ban will remain for the full duration despite replacing or uninstalling the app. The messaging service announced that WhatsApp Plus is not related to the messaging app and includes codes that are not supported by WhatsApp. The company also added that WhatsApp will not bear any responsibility if any user information gets leaked while using WhatsApp Plus.

It looks like the company is looking to get all the users use its official app, as it has asked the WhatsApp plus users to uninstall the app and download the official one from the official website or the Google Play Store.

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