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Top 10 Unusual Google Street View Images

Google street view is an amazing tool of Google which lets you see the world from your computer and smartphone etc. It allows you to virtually roam around through streets of beautiful cities like France, Venice, London, New York, Sydney and many more. It has even reached under water into Great Barrier Reef, and to the heights of Burj Khalifa and Grand Canyon.

While capturing stunning images of beautiful cities in whole world Google street view has captured some unusual and funny images as well. I don’t know whether they were taken accidently or intentionally but they are quite amusing to see. I have compiled 10 most unusual images among all to amuse you too. Let’s watch them:-

monkeys on street view

Stunt on google street view

guy is beating a man on street view

Asian dance on street view

family fun on street view

mafia on street view

car accident on street view


cop with a criminal in a van

a girl sitting on the road

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